Specializing in experienced live-in caregivers

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Nannies on the Hill is an agency, which works to match-up live-in caregivers with employers in Canada.  We specialize in acquiring experienced qualified live-in sponsored caregivers from overseas for the needs of children and elderly care.

Our primary focus is in the GTA, but we can help people anywhere across Canada if needed. Inquire about live-out nannies and nanny sharing too.

Nannies on the Hill uses the services of a licensed paralegal to process our Labour Market Opinions with HRSDC (Service Canada) for employers.

Other services our paralegal offers are extensive, so if you're in need of a study permit, a work permit, want to sponsor a family member, or anything else relating to immigration matters, our specialist will be able to help. Our paralegal can complete and submit your application and can also make inquiries, and track the status of your application, keeping you updated throughout process. Please call for a referral and pricing.

How we became live-in caregiver specialists...

Nannies on the Hill was founded in 2006 for a few reasons.  My wife and I realized there is a need for experienced Nannies and Caregivers in the GTA.  

Back in 2005 my wife Natalie and I wanted to get a live-in caregiver for our child.  We first sponsored the niece of a caregiver that we knew from the Philippines and thought it would take about six months for her to get here. Boy, were we wrong!  As time went on, we found that it was going to take two to three years for her to get here.  

Since then, we sponsored a wonderful nanny for our then one-year old daughter through an agency. The process went somewhat smoothly, but we did not necessarily agree with the large sum of money, over $5000.00, the nanny had to pay to get a job here in Canada and become sponsored through the agency. We also inquired about a nanny with another agency and they wanted over $2000.00 from us to get a nanny which was already here.

One of the most important things about hiring a nanny or caregiver from overseas is the ability to have contact with them before you decide to "hire" them. At Nannies on the Hill, we have all potential employers contact the candidates they are interested in before they commit to hiring/sponsoring them.

After doing research about prices employers and caregivers pay for placement and sponsorship representation, we decided we could do it better and for less money. Our fees and payment schedules are reasonable and fair. For the caregivers and the employers.