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I was in a bind- I am a full time working mother who was in-between nannies...and couldn't wait the additional 3+ months that another agency was assuring that my new nanny would arrive in. Thats when I called Nannies on the Hill... Within 24 hours I had 3 interviews lined up for me. We hired the most wonderful caregiver that a mother could ever want for her children and home! Gen has been a perfect fit for our family and has truly been remarkable-she is a rare gem and I am thankful everyday that I called Natalie and Andrew. I would use Nannies on the Hill again in a heartbeat and always recommend them to all my friends and family.
Thank you Natalie and Andrew!

Rochelle Levy

It was a pleasure to work with the agency Nannies on the Hill. Andrew and Natalie were exceptionally helpful, professional and patient. They had many great interviewing tips and ideas that made the process effortless. Andrew personally brought the candidates to our home and completed all of the necessary paperwork. He was always just a phone call away. We would definitely recommend Nannies on the Hill.

Ilana G., Teacher (Rockford PS) -- "Thornhill Woods"

Even though I am the mother of three children (13, 11 and 16 months) after the birth of my third child I found myself faced with the prospect of infant care for the first time in months. The process of finding suitable care is daunting even for professionals. Most people will encourage you to try your network, ask around or of course, go through an agency. Although most agencies are expensive I wasn't too worried about cost - I didn't know who to trust. I was discouraged after a lack of response and a very poor quality of the screening process of Nanny's.

Andrew Lederman of Nannies on the hill was a pleasure from the get go. He was honest, forthcoming and worked as a team. He also cares about these girls and makes sure they are placed in fair situations. Its not always easy to find a fit in personality, requirements and needs but he had the patience. The test came when we had to replace the first Nanny he found for us. Although she was a kind lady she wasn't high energy enough for my spirited baby. I was worried both about letting her go and finding someone new. Andrew assured me he would find a new placement for our Nanny (I even wrote her a recommendation) and helped me find someone new. Our new Nanny already feels like family. I highly recommend Nannies on the Hill and would use their services again

Gayemarie Brown -- Markham

I would highly recommend Nannies on the Hill to anyone and everyone I know. They provide a top-notch service that helps you find a nanny that suits your family's unique needs and lifestyles. I couldn't be happier with my nanny and I am thankful to Nannies on the Hill for finding me such a fantastic person to help care for my family. Not only has Nannies on the Hill helped me find my nanny, they helped our mom find a caregiver for our late grandmother. The nanny who helped take care of our 89-year old grandmother was a special human being who made the last few months of our grandmothers' life her happiest. My family will be forever thankful to Nannies on the Hill for the nanny that they helped us find for our grandmother. In my opinion, Nannies on the Hill is the only choice. If you need a nanny, and you want a stress-free and effective way to find the right nanny, then look no further than Nannies on the Hill.

Rena Schwartz

Way back in hongkong, when I started looking for the right agency it was really difficult. The first reason was it is expensive, secondly, how long it takes to get an employer and thirdly (the most important part) the assurance of getting a "real agency" to come to Canada. My friend from Church that I regularly attend gave me the number of Andrew Lederman from Nannies on the Hill. At first I was hesitant since he has no branch agency in Hong Kong, but the friends I had in Church told me about all the girls Andrew helped to come to Canada. It was quite scary since all the communication I made was through phone calls and emails only. Andrew also got me in touch with the agent he is affiliated in Hong Kong to help me with my processing and travel arrangements in HK. Once I sent the initial money to Andrew he found me an employer pretty quickly, but what made me so impressed with Andrew Lederman is that everything he tells me about my application, how it will be processed and how long it would take was all true. The placement fee was affordable and lastly and the most important thing is that he knows how to match the type of nanny to the type of employer. It may not be applicable to all, but for me these were the important things and this is the case for most of the other girls I know who came through his agency too.

Allets B. (Nanny)